Xtech International Marine Services BV

Xtech is a company under the flag of Xtech Group with a world wide network focused on sales and service of measuring and safety for the marine industry.

Xtech and Tanktech have a close co-operation whith Xtech endorsed as Tanktech's office, covering Scandinavia, Poland, South France, Spain.

Gas detection

Gas detection If you deal with gas detection, then safety has to be your number one priority. Xtech IMS has a wide experience in sales and service in the range of portable and fixed detectors that has kept customers safe across the globe for more than 20 years. From local to global, we can service any ship in short time to keep the crew, the ship and cargo safe. Directly, or through our network, we supply and service accurate and reliable to companies. We have a solution for you whatever your problem or need is. We are constantly trained to improve your safety and detection standards further.


Xtech is always looking to expand and reach its full potential.

Xtech Group

Founded in 2010 to combine over 20 years of knowledge and skills. We aim to provide a reliable service to the marine industry.


To be a business partner to shipbuilders, shipowners and their management offices in order to keep safety regulations and the shipping crew protected.


Based in Rotterdam, the gateway to the world. Close to all major European harbours.